Reliable profit thanks to intelligent real-time price monitoring
State-of-the-art mining farms with efficient hardware
Insurance against currency losses and conversion into Bitcoin
Keep an eye on your investment at all times on our clear dashboard

About Flat Mining

With a trading volume of $ 20 million, Flat Mining is the absolute leader in Hosted Cloud Mining. For a long time we were only active in the B2B sector. Now we want to conquer the B2C area and also open the market for cryptocurrency to private customers.

With Hosted Cloud technology, you no longer need additional hardware because everything is calculated in the cloud only. Thus, we provide reliability and speed. Through the intelligent algorithm, the entire crypto market is always searched in real time for lucrative Altcoins. Only the most lucrative courses will be converted to Bitcoin. You are insured against the high price fluctuations. Thus, always reliable and profitable grapped. In addition, the prospecting results will be displayed in real time, on request in Euros and Dollars.

Flat Mining allows easy access to Bitcoin, for everyone! Convince yourself of the market leader, with our lucrative offers. Sign up now, choose one of our attractive mining plans and leave the rest to us!

Insurance for currency losses

With Flat Mining, your income is insured against sudden price fluctuations. This means that you are virtually risk-free and can look forward to solid returns at all times. The insurance covers all our service plans and covers the full term of 24 months. With our proprietary algorithm for real-time monitoring of all Altcoin prices, we only mine the currencies that guarantee you maximum profit.

Most modern hardware for high hash rate

Hosted Cloud Mining is the most straightforward way for private investors to mine cryptocurrencies. The hardware in our mining farms is state of the art and one of the most performant and most energy-efficient in the world. Thanks to permanent maintenance and upgrading of our infrastructure, we can guarantee high hash rates and 100% reliability.

All plans, all profits, one dashboard

Instead of complicated wallets and different marketplaces, you do not have to worry about what goes on in the background. Instead, all earnings and updates are summarized for you on a clear dashboard. Keep an eye on your investment - anytime, anywhere.


What is Hosted Cloud Mining?
  • Hosted cloud mining describes the mining of digital currencies by a large number of participants who use a common infrastructure - the cloud. The advantage comes from the higher performance, which generates higher hash rates and more yield for all involved. Flat Mining provides this infrastructure to its customers and offers a variety of service plans. By choosing their mining rate, our customers determine the capacity we utilize to mine for them.

Which cryptocurrencies are being mined in the Flat Mining-Network?
  • Part of our recipe for success is our intelligent algorithm that monitors the rates of all cryptocurrencies in real time. Based on this live data, a selection is made up of the most profitable altcoins. Mined altcoins are converted directly into Bitcoin and secured against currency losses. As a result, Flat miners also benefit from volatile currencies without exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.

How does Flat Mining protect me from total losses and price fluctuations?
  • Part of our corporate philosophy is the claim to make the subject of cryptocurrencies profitable for outsiders as well. That is why we guarantee our customers the highest possible level of security for their investments. In 99% of cases, our intelligent algorithm protects against strong price fluctuations and losses. It is already eliminated before the currency collapses. At the same time we take the risk for cases in which unprofitable be mined, and secure your bets against depreciation.

Does Flat Mining also mine Bitcoin?
  • Flat Mining only mines alternative coins that are partly based on Bitcoin but are traded and mined independently. These altcoins called alternative currencies have in part a much greater potential for appreciation. By real-time monitoring of these alternative prices, we achieve healthy returns and then hedge them by converting them to Bitcoin.

How do I order a plan with Flat Mining?
  • All you need to do is visit our offer page, which lists all the mining plans: Silver, Gold and Platinum. If you prefer an offer that is tailor-made for your investment budget, you can flexibly set your own acquisition potential accordingly. To order, simply add your plan in the shopping cart and follow the instructions on our website. For further questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or mail at!

How long do Flat-Mining plans work?
  • The term of our Silver, Gold and Platinum plans is always 24 months.

What happens to the customer data at Flat Mining?
  • All customer data of Flat Mining are stored according to the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). A transfer to third parties or external partners does not take place.

Does Flat Mining charge a fee for running mining operations?
  • The fee to order your Silver, Gold and Platinum plan already covers all ongoing costs incurred during the 24-month period. Once you complete your order, you do not have to expect any further costs. Instead, sit back and watch how your investment pays off day by day.

How many accounts can I have in Flat Mining?
  • A single Flat Mining account can be opened per person. Multiple accounts are not available. If we discover unauthorized duplicate accounts, we reserve the right to revoke access to these accounts.

Is it possible to upgrade existing plans?
  • You can upgrade your existing mining plans with us at any time. Just contact our staff. You can reach us:

    • By phone at +41 434 562 704
    • By mail at

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